Sunday, March 14, 2010

Book Review- Michael Connelly- Blood Work

After his heart began crashing Terrell McCaleb had to retire from his position at the FBI. He has been waiting and hoping for a match to his rare blood type so that he can receive his new heart, and just when he has given up hope one comes in for him. Now suddenly Graciela Rivers approaches him with a plea for help in solving his sister’s murder. Set on refusing and enjoying some time on his boat, he is shocked to find out that the murder victim was the woman whose heart he now has. A desire to repay the woman for her sacrifice sets him out on a dangerous hunt for the serial killer who is on the lose.

This is the first we see of McCaleb and he seems to be a solid character. I wish that we had seen more of these other villains he was mentioning, maybe having them in previous novels would have helped, but alas this is not the case, so we must learn about these villains through McCaleb. The opening pages did not grab me, although they were necessary for the plot development. It did not take long however for me to get into Blood Work, it was a fast-paced novel that left my mind working on figuring out the details, even after closing the book. I did kind of guess how it would end, although it did not play out quite as I had anticipated. The last few pages were cliché, but still fit in nicely. McCaleb is a complex character with many flaws, which makes him all the more realistic. I loved the twists that Connelly through in, and how McCaleb had to work hard to figure things out, details did not just come to him. Overall I really enjoyed this book, and will definitely read more of this series, another great read coming from an author I love.

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