Monday, March 15, 2010

Book Review- Brad Strickland- Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Stowaways

Brad Strickland- Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Stowaways (Minstrel Books 1994) 3.25 Stars

Jake Sisko and Nog stowaway on a shuttle that is transporting Dr. Bashir down to Bajor, Bajor is full of rebel factions so Jake has been forbidden to go. They plan to return before Jake’s father gets back, in the hopes of avoiding consequences, however things go wrong when they get to Bajor, as Dr. Bashir is taken captive by a rebel group. Now Jake and Nog must team up with a young Bajoran girl, Sesana, in order to set Dr. Bashir free and destroy the rebels plan for taking over Bajor.

I used to love these books growing up, back when I actually liked Star Trek. I discovered that these books were a lot more enjoyable back then, as I did not like reading it near as much as I used to. My problem mostly arose from the fact that I just don’t like reading Sci-fi like I used to, but also with these books you have to watch the TV series in order to understand exactly what is going on. The characters are not explained, the author just assumes that you will know who everyone is, which I did, but it makes it difficult for people to just pick up the book. The plot was decent, although with children’s book sit is often difficult to fit in a lot of detail considering the length of these novels.

I only recommend this novel/series to people who have watched Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

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