Thursday, February 4, 2010

Book Review- Michael Connelly- The Lincoln Lawyer

Michael Connelly- The Lincoln Lawyer (Warner Books 2006) 4 Stars

Mickey Haller thinks he has a good life, four Lincoln Town Cars, two ex-wives who remain his friends, and one daughter, but all of that is about to be threatened. When he chooses to defend the son of a rich real estate tycoon, he has no idea just what he is getting himself into. He sees the money and what it could do for his defence-attorney business. Louis Roulet is accused of a brutal assault, rape, and attempted murder, and Haller thinks he can win in court. All of a sudden Mickey Haller finds himself looking the devil in the eye, and fighting to set a truly innocent man free. Not used to having to work to win a case, true justice may not be so easy to get, especially when it could cost him everything he has accomplished.

I must admit at first I was not sure about The Lincoln Lawyer. It did not grab my attention right away like I am used to with Connelly’s work. I was getting a little bit tired of so many details on cases that were irrelevant to the story at hand. About a quarter of the way through though I was finding myself growing more and more interested, and by the end I was very glad that I had chosen to read this book. Connelly knows how to hold his readers in suspense and keep them guessing. I did not see the end coming, not until it slapped me in the face. Mickey Haller was a fairly deep character. At the start he is a self-absorbed, lazy defence attorney, but throughout the book we see him learning the error of his ways, the hard way. By the end he is a better man, who has gotten his priorities straightened out. I loved the way he was able to twist the events/witnesses into whatever he wanted, sickening, but brilliant. Connelly certainly knows how to create characters, and make plots that draw the reader into the book.

I recommend The Lincoln Lawyer to Connelly fans and those who love a good courtroom book.

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