Monday, November 2, 2009

Book Review- Robert James Glider- Golden Conspiracy

Robert James Glider- Golden Conspiracy (Book Surge 2009) 3.5 Stars

Jacsen Kidd is searching for the location of Spanish gold that has been missing for centuries. However, knowledge of his quest is not as secret as he may believe. Death seems to follow him wherever he goes and he must figure out who is trying to use him to find his gold. Treasure hunting is a dangerous game, a game Jacsen Kidd loves to play.

I do not usually read adventure type books, so this was an interesting choice for me. Golden Conspiracy reminds me of an Indiana Jones style of book. Although it got off to a really slow start with a lot of background knowledge and very interesting facts, it did pick up about a quarter of the way in. I enjoyed learning all the little fun facts, but would have liked to see it grab my attention a little bit sooner. Once the storyline picked up in its pace it was a lot more enjoyable to read, as a lot seemed to be happening and yet it was still easy enough to follow. Jacsen Kidd and his fellow explorer Pericles Schmoond are both great characters, which I loved reading about. I was a little bit annoyed at the last few dates given in the book, as in two cases they were still in 2010 when they were supposed to be in 2011, and in the third the date went back ten days from what it had previously been, but it wasn’t supposed to go back as the storyline kept going. I was also annoyed at how many quotation marks were missing around people’s speech. I counted dozens of occurrences. That being said, I would be interested in seeing what kind of movie they could make out of this book. I would also be curious to see what Robert Glider could come up with in the next book.

I recommend Golden Conspiracy to people who love adventure books.

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