Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Book Review- Don Pendleton- The Executioner: Death Warrant

First off I would like to wish everyone a good Rememberance Day, or Veterans Day to all of my American friends. A moment of silence is in order for all those who gave us our freedom.

Don Pendleton- The Executioner: Death Warrant (Worldwide Library 1994) 2.25 Stars

After a DEA operation goes wrong and they are ambushed, many are left dead. Rocha, the merciless drug lord does not care who dies as long as he gets what he wants, power. Mack Bolan has been given the task of finding out who the informant was and discovers a plot for Rocha to join forces with an even more ruthless enemy. He knows that it must be stopped. Now he is off to Green Hell to put an end to this mess once and for all.

I do not usually read this type of novel and now I know why. Death Warrant was exactly as I expected it, a book with very little plot. Basically Mack Bolan has no depth to his character, he just comes in shoots everyone to pieces and somehow finds out all the details he needs to rush into the next scene and repeat the process. Somewhere in the mess is a beautiful woman who is willing to sleep with any and all. A total guy book, which I do not tend to enjoy; books need plot, depth of character, and something other than women/death to draw my attention in. I think that if maybe the killing sprees were spread out more and diluted with more plot/page counts it might have been more believable/enjoyable to read about. As it was though Mack Bolan’s missions go a little bit too smoothly, and he never once gets injured in these amazing shootouts with machine guns.

I do not recommend Death Warrant.

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