Thursday, July 16, 2009

Book Review- Michael Connelly- Angels Flight

Michael Connelly- Angels Flight (Warner Books 2000) 4.75 Stars

Harry Bosch returns in Angels Flight, a great thriller/mystery. Bosch must deal with politics as he is being restrained by the department’s tense relations with the public. A lawyer who makes money suing police and the police department turns up dead along with another civilian. Suddenly the public is ready to riot and are pointing fingers at the department. Meanwhile Bosch is trying to get to the bottom of it, whether or not the department likes his methods.
Angels Flight was very intense as is to be expected from a Harry Bosch novel. I loved the way the novel just gripped my attention early on and would not let up for a second. Bosch is such a deep character that I feel there is always something new to learn about him. I did figure out early who was responsible for the crime, and yet I still loved the twists and turns Bosch had to take to get to the culprit, weaving through political hoops. The end still managed to come as a surprise, not ending the way I thought it would. The case had a lot for the reader to follow and yet I found that the way it was written I could easily follow what was happening.
I would recommend Angels Flight to Harry Bosch enthusiasts, Michael Connelly followers, and mystery/thriller lovers!

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