Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Yellow Door Bistro

Pork Tenderloin with Spelt and Sweet Potato-Apple Puree

Chamomile Duck Breast With Mushroom-Split Pea Risotto

Apple Fritters and Gingersnaps with Rum Caramel and Vanilla Cream
My wife and I decided to take a short trip to Calgary for our 10th anniversary. The Yellow Door Bistro in Calgary, was our first downtown restaurant stop. This restaurant was very modern and provided a quiet spot to enjoy an evening out. The service was excellent, very friendly and prompt. My wife had the 3 Course Chef's Choice, which entailed an appetizer of Split Pea Ricotta Filled Pasta, entree Pork Tenderloin with Apple Sweet Potato Puree and Spelt, with a dessert of Apple Fritter and Ginger Snaps on a bed of Vanilla Cream and Rum Caramel. My meal was Chamomile Duck Breast with Mushroom-Split Pea Risotto. I must admit I had never had either duck, nor risotto before; I am definitely sold after eating it at this restaurant, it was absolutely delicious. My wife loved every course of her dinner and having sampled them myself, I must say her food was excellent as well. The fritters melted in your mouth, they were so light and airy. Was impressed with everything about the Yellow Door Bistro and would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in downtown Calgary.

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