Thursday, October 5, 2017

Ruth's Chris Steak House- Calgary Tower

Crab Cakes
Ruth's Chris Steak House 
Lobster Tail
Lobster Bisque

Mashed Potatoes and Corn Medley

I must say I loved this Steak House, although the prices were a little steep for what you get. The atmosphere was perfect for our 10th Anniversary Celebration. Quiet, peaceful music, romantic atmosphere. They put Happy Anniversary confetti on our table and had a card for us as well. We did not even have to pay for our deserts which they customized with Anniversary Writing. We were treated very well by our waiter who was very attentive and respectful of our space. He was there when we needed him, but not hovering. My Crab Cakes were very easy to eat, the crab flavor comes through as the main focus, but could have used a tad more seasoning. The Lobster Tail was great as well, though was a little tougher than I  was thinking Lobster Tail would be. My wife's Lobster Bisque was delightful, a great way to start off her meal. The mashed potatoes were light and fluffy, though a touch of dill or garlic would have put this over the top. The corn medley was good as well, but again a touch of salt would have been all this needed. My wife's steak I would say was the highlight of this meal, as a steak should be. This had the correct amount of fat marbled throughout to make it tender, and it melted in your mouth, not much seasoning on this, but it really did not need it. And finally the best part of my meal, the desserts! My wife had Creme Brule with berries, and this was simply heavenly! Perfect! I had an amply named Sinful Chocolate Cake, that was surprisingly gluten free. This devilish cake definitely tasted so good and melted in your mouth like good chocolate should.
I would return to this restaurant again for a nice quiet evening, though prices could be shaved down considering the amount of food.


Gluten Free Sinful Chocolate Cake
Creme Brule

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