Thursday, January 3, 2013

Book Review- Richard North Patterson- Eyes of a Child

Richard North Patterson- Eyes of a Child 3 Stars

When Teresa’s soon-to-be-ex-husband is found dead, it looks like suicide until the crime scene techs say otherwise. The police have brought their custody battle front and center and have brought up the possible child abuse of her daughter. All of this is the reason why they are looking at her boyfriend and employer as the prime suspect in the murder. The trial will test them all and bring them to the brink. The question is can they survive the ordeal? Or will it destroy them?

I loved the introduction to this book, it grabbed my attention immediately. However the whole rest of the first quarter, although intriguing, was frustrating, and I did not quite believe that her current husband could get away with everything he got away with. I also did not know why Teresa did not see exactly what had happened to her daughter. The trail section of the book was really good. It was gripping and very well written. Then came the final section. Things just got wrapped up a little too neatly for me, and I kind of thought that it was unnecessarily perfect. The characters in the book were pretty good, but could have used a little bit more realism. Overall the book was a good one time read, and the middle section really saved the book for me.

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