Friday, January 11, 2013

Book Review- David Ellis- The Hidden Man

David Ellis- The Hidden Man 3.25 Stars

Jason Kolarich’s neighbour and best friend’s little sister is abducted when he is a young boy. Everybody suspects a pedophile that lives in the area, but can never prove his guilt. Now years later Sammy Cutler, his estranged best friend, is accused of murdering the man suspected of abducting his sister. A shady man hires Jason, now a lawyer, to get an acquittal for Sammy, but he is not supposed to do anything except show up, they will handle everything else. Jason Kolarich doesn’t play by those kinds of rules though.

It was a pretty good start to this book. My attention was grabbed early on and it never really lost my attention at any point. It flowed smoothly and at a good pace. The plot was fairly good, but I had to keep wonder why Jason Kolarich, for such a smart man, did not think to record any of his conversations and go to the police. This kind of frustrated me and took away from the book. It had a few twists, but none of them were really shocking. The characters themselves were really well done, but Jason’s whole self pity thing got to be a little frustrating as well, although I understand that losing the two most important people in your life would be extremely traumatic. The flashbacks to better times in his life also got to be old, a few would have been good for background development, but the frequency of these flashbacks was driving me insane. Overall though it was a pretty good one time read.

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  1. This was a proof copy - so I don't know what might have changed in the final. It was interesting and I didn't figure out the final outcome untlil almost the end! The only thing that really bothered me (don't finish reading if you are going to read the book) was a third member of the main character's family was introduced in one very short scene and then nothing else was ever said. All in all, it was avery enjoyable crime story!


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