Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book Review- Harlan Coben - Miracle Cure

Harlan Coben - Miracle Cure 3.5 Stars

Michael Silverman is a famous basketball star, and his wife, Sara Lowell, is a TV journalist. They are connected politically and medically by her father. An AIDS clinic in Manhattan seems to be making great strides towards a cure, but now the cured patients are being murdered by a serial killer. Michael has been diagnosed with the disease and they must put an end to this murder spree before Michael becomes just another victim.

Harlan Coben has an introduction apologising for the fact that this book is not as strong as his later work, as this was actually book two by him. He wasn’t kidding. It was still a good read, but not one I would read more than once. Coben certainly has stronger books. He also says that this should not be the first book you read by him, again he is correct. If this had been my first Coben read I would not have read another. The plot had too much going on at times and got to be too much to follow. At some points you are following four things at one time. The twists were pretty good; it was a strong point of the plot. I also thought that the characters were expertly crafted, another redeeming quality. Overall the book was a good one time read, but not the best of Coben.

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