Thursday, November 1, 2012

Book Review- David Stone- The Echelon Vendetta

David Stone- The Echelon Vendetta 3.5 Stars

CIA Agent Micah Dalton has just been called in to clean up the scene of his mentor’s suicide. A little digging uncovers a gruesome set of murders by a lunatic; his mentor is just one of many targets. Now he must hunt down this killer, before he completes his mission and destroys Micah in the process.

An interesting introduction for this book. It was very odd, but certainly grabs your attention. The oddity carries on throughout the whole book, and I found it to be too much at times, but it was intriguing enough to encourage me to read on. The plot was a good one containing several twists, not all of which were unpredictable, but that did not take away from them at all. I was kind of surprised that the main character did not see one of these coming, considering how obvious it was. The characters were pretty good; a couple of them could have used more depth to assist the story. I did enjoy the ending of the book as it wrapped things up nicely and sets the stage for the rest of the series.

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