Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book Review- Lisa Scottoline- Courting Trouble

Lisa Scottoline- Courting Trouble 3.25 Stars

On a Fourth of July weekend Anne decides to go out of town to prepare for a case. Getting someone she knows from the gym to house/cat-sit for her, she is shocked when that person is murdered on her doorstep. Knowing that the person was mistaken for her, she is trying to stay dead and hunt down the stalker she is sure committed this crime.

The introduction was not one I really enjoyed; it was funny, but completely unrealistic. Pulling a stunt like that in a courtroom, would get you thrown in jail. It did get better once it left the courtroom stuff behind though. It was interesting enough to make me keep reading and had some unrealistic investigative work by amateur detectives, but I did find it kind of amusing. The characters were decent, and assisted the plot nicely. The overall plot was pretty good, with a great twist in the end. I usually prefer more twists in a book that shock you, but in this case having only a couple worked. Overall it was a decent one time read.

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