Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Review- Lawrence Hill- The Book of Negroes

Lawrence Hill- The Book of Negroes/Someone Knows My Name 4.5 Stars

Aminata Diallo is letting everyone know her life story while she is living in London, England during the 19th century. She was just eleven years old when she was stolen from her village and witnessed the murder of her parents. Sold into the slave trade, she experienced many horrors along the way as they take her to America. As she struggles to gain her way to freedom, she finds herself writing a ledger recording names in the “Book of Negroes”. Travelling by boat she finally ends up in Nova Scotia with many others.

This is a wonderful novel. A tough read about the brutal treatment of black slaves. It was captivating and really hard to put down. It was beautifully written and had a plot that was brilliantly crafted. The characters seemed to jump off of every page and assisted the story with every turn. The way that they were treated was awful and it was dreadful how they justified it by making it sound as if it was providing a better life for them. I do get tired of how this is brought up time and time again in society now, as I would love to see the world learn from the mistakes and move on, but at the same time it makes for a good read that draws you in as you get caught up in the hardships they had to face. I do not read these kinds of books too often as they are too difficult to think about. Overall this was a great epic tale that will easily become a Canadian classic.

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Tony Peters
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  1. You finished it! I'm glad you enjoyed it too. I definitely found aspects of it very hard to read as well - just imagining it happening is horrifying.

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