Monday, August 27, 2012

Book Review- Patrick deWitt- The Sisters Brothers

Patrick deWitt- The Sisters Brothers 1 Star

Charles and Eli Sisters are killers for hire working for a man called the Commodore. The Commodore has sent them after a man named Hermann Warm. He claims that Warm has stolen something from him, but really he intends for them to steal something from Warm. Getting Warm though, might not be so easy. It is a long trip from Oregon to Sacramento. Eli must try to keep his brother’s thirst for killing under control and yet stay alive as they travel many miles to complete their job.

I kind of liked the way this book started and I was settling in for a great western read with rave reviews and many awards. I did become bored pretty quickly though. The main plot I felt was lost with rabbit trails that dragged your attention away from what it was leading towards. I know the author was trying to develop a conflict of self within the character, but in the end it made me lose my focus. I also found the main characters to be quite dislikeable throughout the whole book, which made it hard to enjoy. That is not to say that the characters were not well done as the mains were very well crafted, the other characters though I felt were lacking. The ending of the book was the best part; it was a suiting way to conclude the events. I disliked how the author also kept talking about everyone’s “organs” and especially hated the part where the main character is checking a bruise on his leg and figures that that is an opportune time to “compromise himself”, this was most unnecessary. Overall I would not recommend this book to anyone, and I find myself questioning why it won/was nominated for so many awards.

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  1. I read this with the book club I was in for a while. I did feel the same way about it containing unnecessary parts. I was intrigued by the author's writing style though. It has been a while since I read it, but if I remember right, some of it was quite poetic in its description. The main character and his inner conflict did intrigue me, but as you said, I agree the plot was a bit "here and there." I didn't hate it, but wouldn't recommend it either.


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