Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Book Review- Jeffery Deaver- Edge

Jeffery Deaver- Edge 4.25 Stars

Corte is a federal agent responsible for the protection/hiding of people who have information that lifters want to extract for their bosses. Henry Loving is one such lifter, the most ruthless of these lifters, and Corte has come across him once before. The last time Loving killed his mentor, this time Corte will be out for revenge, he just can’t let it cost him his charges. His current charges that Loving is after are the Kesslers. He must protect them from this madman and prevent them from giving up the information, the only problem is no one knows what information he could possible be after.

The opening section of Edge grabbed my attention and it prepared me for a great read. It was a different kind of book from some of the others I have read by Deaver, but I enjoyed it. The plot was well thought out with many great twists and turns that just keep the reader guessing and wondering what could possibly surprise you next. That being said I do often feel that he slips in one too many twists that his main characters always magically figure out and have known for a while they were just manipulating things to catch the villain. Such was the case in this one, although it didn’t really detract from the overall read. The characters were well crafted and seemed to be very realistic. I do get tired of his under-aged characters though, all the young girls say ‘like’ many times, which is not an accurate portrayal of young girls. I was also wondering why a sixteen-year-old girl would be carrying around a bear backpack. Overall though, this was a great read that I would recommend to anyone who likes a good thriller.

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