Monday, August 6, 2012

Book Review- Harlan Coben- Caught

Harlan Coben- Caught 3 Stars

Wendy Tynes is a reporter catching pedophiles in the act by using chat rooms as a sting operation. When she catches social worker Dan Mercer in her web, she had no idea just how much it was going to change her life. Suddenly the story gets complicated and everything seems to be amuck. Nothing makes sense anymore and the question is, was he really guilty, or was he set up?

I loved the opening line for this book. It was a great way to draw you into the book. I also loved the opening chapter as it was really good at making you want to read on. That being said it got to be a little hard to follow for the next quarter of the book as it seemed like there was so much going on and so many shifts in perspective. The plot was really well thought out though and had great twists and turns along the way. I especially enjoyed the ending, though not completely unpredictable, it was a fitting conclusion. The characters were also really well done and assisted the plot nicely. Overall it was only a decent read. Not the greatest book by this author.

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