Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Review- Ann Rinaldi- Girl in Blue

Ann Rinaldi- Girl in Blue 2.75 Stars

Sarah Louisa has been told by her father that she is going to marry a neighbour she has no intentions of marrying. Now with the Civil War beginning, she is running of to sneak into the army as a soldier. She must struggle through army life and keep her real identity a secret for fear of being kicked out. Learning new skills is what will keep her safe, including figuring out how to be an effective spy.

The novel starts off a little slow, but does pick up enough to keep the reader interested. That being said, I never really had any wow moments when reading. It was an intriguing storyline though, with a great overall concept. I would have liked to have seen her remain as a soldier instead of taking her off into the spy business, but I understand what the author was trying to do here. The characters were a redeeming quality in this novel, being very well crafted. I do also love books about the Civil War and this time period. Overall this book fell a little flat for me and would not be one I would pick up and reread.

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