Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Review- Linwood Barclay- The Accident

Linwood Barclay- The Accident 3 Stars
Glen Garber’s wife Sheila just died in a car accident. The circumstances seem odd as he doesn’t ever remember her driving drunk before, and now his daughter must continue going to a school where they all know her mother killed two of their fellow students. As Garber digs into the mess he discovers that all may not be as it seems in his peaceful neighbourhood. Friends may not be who they claim to be and this information may just put his family into further danger.

The Accident starts off a little slow for my liking, and takes way too long to get intriguing. I felt that it was just interesting enough for me to keep reading, but when it did pick up it got pretty intense. The plot was decent, with many great twists and turns and an ending you will never see coming. That being said, I felt that there was one too many twists and the plausibility was not always there. Garber seems to be going around in circles and stumbling upon answers/dead people. Too many characters were backstabbing fiends, which kind of hurt what otherwise would have been great characterization. Overall it was an okay one time read; I would not pick it up and read it again.

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