Sunday, June 10, 2012

Book Review- John Lutz- The Night Watcher

John Lutz- The Night Watcher 1 Stars

High rise condos are burning in Manhattan and people are dying as someone sets their sights on the rich clients within them. Detectives Stack and Rica must find this arsonist/murderer before the city turns against them in fear. As things heat up they seem to be chasing their tails, leads turn into nothing and pressure is building up from up top.

From the start of this book straight through to the end, I found myself just barely hanging on. By that I mean I nearly fell asleep. The plot was decent, but I did not think that it was well executed. It kept jumping from past, to different time in the past, to present, and then back again. This made it really hard to stay focused on the storyline. The characters were really well done, which was a redeeming quality for this book. Overall this was not a book I would recommend to anyone.

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