Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Book Review- A.L. Singer- The Rescuers Down Under

A.L. Singer- The Rescuers Down Under 3.5 Stars

The Rescue Aid Society has just gotten an emergency message from Australia that a young boy has been kidnapped by a poacher. Bernard and Miss Bianca must now rush to Australia to save Cody from the grasp of Percival McLeach. Cody has put a dent in McLeach’s plan to capture a golden eagle worth a fortune, which is why McLeach cannot let him go.

The book was interesting and was really close to the movie, which you don’t see very often. I loved this Disney classic when I was young, so it was neat to read it now as an adult. The characters were interesting, although with kid’s books authors don’t have a lot of time for development. The plot was fairly good considering how short this book is. It did seem a little bit rushed to me at parts, but that is probably because they were trying to keep a child’s attention. Overall it was a decent read and a pretty good adaptation.

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