Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book Review- John Lutz- The Night Caller

John Lutz- The Night Caller (2001) 3.75 Stars

Ex-NYPD detective Coop is in remission, but he just found that his daughter has been murdered. As he digs into it, he pairs up with a mystery writer, Deni, who is trying to be taken more seriously by going into nonfiction. Together they come to realize that this may be the work of a serial killer. As things heat up they have to wonder who will be coming out this investigation alive.

I wasn’t impressed with the last Lutz read, so I went into this thinking it would be boring, but I was pleasantly surprised when I enjoyed it. It had a decent start, not great, but enough to keep me reading. I did find that it picked up and was intrigued by the characters work at trying to figure things out. The overall plot was done quite well and was executed in such a manner as to draw your desire to read on. I loved the characters as they were quite unique and although they were not all likeable, they fit quite well into their intended positions. I did have to wonder about the FBI parts as to whether they would have thought the way they did and questioned the realism in a couple of parts. The ending was very good, it was a nice way to wrap things up. Overall it was a decent read.

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