Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book Review- Matt Braun- Deadwood

Matt Braun- Deadwood (St. Martin’s Press 2003) 3.5 Stars

Luke Starbuck has been hired by a smooth talking lawyer to hunt down a man who stole money from a rich mine owner. Now he must find a way to infiltrate the Hole-In-The-Wall. Things may not be just the way they were portrayed to him though, the first indicator being that people keep trying to kill him. Luke doesn’t like being setup and now he is out for blood. Who will be the last man standing?

The first couple of pages had me wondering about whether or not the book was worth reading. That being said, it did still catch my attention early on and make me want to keep reading. Luke is a likeable character who has a good head on his shoulders. He figures out things with Sherlock-like deductions. He is also skilled at disguises and with a gun. It really reminded me of a western Sherlock Holmes book. Overall it was a decent one time read and as far as westerns go it was pretty interesting.

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