Saturday, April 21, 2012

Book Review- John J Nance- Pandora’s Clock

John J Nance- Pandora’s Clock (St. Martin’s Press 1996) 3.25 Stars

When a shipment of vials is sent to the wrong place and one is broken, a deadly level 4 pathogen is released. One of the infected workers escapes and he gives the virus to a professor before the professor gets on a 747 flight back to the States. When he dies of a heart attack on flight, no one will let the plane land for fear of spreading the virus to other countries. To prevent them from landing, somebody is willing to blow them out of the sky. Captain Holland is in a race against the clock and a battle of wits with the whole world.

The introduction was okay, not really gripping, but interesting enough that I wanted to keep reading. The overall plot was very fast-paced. It kept me on the edge of my seat. The storyline was good, although not deep. It was a very intriguing read. I did find that it changed from person to person way too often, which made it really hard to stay focused. It also made it impossible to get connected to any one character, or really place your finger on a main character. I was hoping for more depth in character. The epilogue was extremely cheesy and I felt the book would have been stronger without it. Overall it was a decent one time read.

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