Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Review- John Marsden- Burning for Revenge

John Marsden- Burning for Revenge (Scholastics 2006) 3 Stars

This ragged group of kids has been thrown into a war they never wanted. Ellie and her friends get into the back of a truck as the only means of hiding, little do they realise just where it is headed. Now they must fight to get out and survive. It gives them the opportunity to strike a target so juicy everyone else who has tried has failed.

This book started off really slow and I almost didn’t finish it. It did eventually pick up the pace and got to be pretty good. It was neat to see a war from a child’s perspective and to see just how it affects the children when they are all suddenly without parents. The plot wasn’t really a plot so much as them wandering around aimlessly, so I would have liked to have seen more in that area. The characters were really well done and had a lot of depth and feelings. The setting is interesting as they are all about New Zealand and Australia. Overall it was a good book and I will read the next two books that I have in the series, but would not buy more.

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