Saturday, February 18, 2012

Book Review- Jaye Murray- Bottled Up

Jaye Murray- Bottled Up (Speak 2004) 4.25 Stars

Pip lives in an abusive alcoholic family and takes care of his little brother. He lives to skip class, drink, and get high, but now his principal has had enough. He must attend all his classes, stop doing drugs, and see a counsellor or his dad will get a phone call, which will lead to more trouble than Pip wishes to see.

I enjoyed the first two sentences, they made me chuckle. The book took a bit to get into, but it really was a touching book. It tugged on the strings of my youth care worker heart. I felt bad for the main character and enjoyed seeing the toughness of the principal as he tries to help Pip. The characters were very well done and helped the books rating. I also thought that storyline and progression of the book was quite good. This author knows her stuff and I would read more by her. Overall I really liked this book and would highly recommend it.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I will have to put this on a novel study option list for school maybe. Sounds interesting.

    1. I highly recommend doing just that. I will warn you that there is some language in it, but by high school that is not such a big deal.


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