Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book Review- Patricia Hermes - Fly Away Home

Patricia Hermes- Fly Away Home (Little, Brown Canada 1996 ) 3.75 Stars

Amy Alden has been forced to move from New Zealand to Canada after her mother passes away and she comes to live with her father. When construction workers jump the gun in the marsh nearby Canada Geese eggs are left for dead by the parents. Now Amy is going to raise the hatchlings which may just lead to more challenges, like teaching them to migrate.

I remembered hearing a lot about this movie growing up, but never actually watched it, so it was kind of neat to read the book. It was kind of a little slow all the way through, but it was still interesting to see Amy adjust to living with her Dad and not her Mom. I liked seeing her go through the emotional side of separated parents. The plot wasn’t overly deep, but it really did not need to be for this storyline. It had the appropriate challenges being faced in order to make things interesting. The character were very well crafted and seemed to jump off of every page. Anyone who loves a good animal story will certainly enjoy this book.

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