Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Book Review- Kate Morgenroth- Jude

Kate Morgenroth- Jude (Simon Pulse 2006) 4 Stars

Jude is fifteen and living with his abusive, drug dealing father, when one day he is murdered before Jude’s eyes. The killer makes him swear not to say anything, and so he refuses to tell the police who did it. Now he has just found out who his mother is and will be going to live with her. Winning her approval will involve an attempt at helping further her political position, only it backfires and will result in a hunt for revenge.

The book started off well. It gets you into the thick of it immediately and so you want to know just what is happening and what is going to be the result. It was interesting to see Jude’s desire to win his mother’s approval and how disastrous it seems to be for him. It was also very sad throughout the book; I cannot give too many details on that without giving out spoilers. Even the ending is bittersweet and I am not really sure just what I think of it. The characters are very well done and have some great depth. I am not sure what I think of the underlying message of this novel as it is kind of negative and doesn’t really promote trust. Overall though I enjoyed this novel and would certainly recommend it.

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