Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Review- Gayle Lynds- The Book of Spies

Gayle Lynds- The Book of Spies (Scholastic 1982) 4.25 Stars

The Library of Gold has been missing for years, intriguing historians. Now a book has turned up from the collection and the CIA is hunting for more of them. Eva Blake has been dragged into the hunt by an unexpected turn of events and Judd Ryder will be working with her for his own personal reasons. Together they will scour the globe and face grave dangers.

This book had a bit of a slow start, with just enough intrigue to keep you reading. Once it picked up though, it never let up. It was fast-paced and action packed. You just never knew what was coming at you next. I did find it a little annoying how it changed from one person’s perspective to another; this made it tough to focus. The characters were well done and had adequate background for the story. Although the situations were not necessarily the most realistic, they were not distractingly unrealistic. Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend Gayle Lynds.

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