Friday, January 20, 2012

Book Review- Gary Paulsen- Harris and Me

Gary Paulsen- Harris and Me (Dell Books 1993) 4.5 Stars

Eleven years old and used to living in the city with his drunken parents, he now has to spend the summer on a backwoods farm with his cousin Harris. Learning the ropes of working on a farm, he will be working harder than he has ever had to work in his life. At the same time he is having more fun with his cousin than he has had at any point in his life. From attacking pigs, to catching mice, life couldn’t be better. If only he didn’t have to leave.

I loved this book. Watching a boy go from having to live with neglectful parents who want nothing more than a good drink, find a place where he belongs, is wonderful. I enjoyed seeing all the trouble this pair got into at the leading of Harris. The characters in this book were very well done and seemed to jump off of every page. I chuckled many times reading this novel. The plot wasn’t deep, but it really did not need to be, it was more about the exploits of Harris and watching the main character find himself. It was rather odd that I don’t recall ever finding out the main character’s name. The ending was very sad, but touching at the same time, this made it more realistic than if it ended in a happy-go-lucky manner. Overall, I definitely enjoyed this book and would easily slap my recommendation on it.

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