Friday, December 2, 2011

Book Review- Brad Meltzer- The Millionaires

Brad Meltzer- The Millionaires (Warner Vision 2002) 4.25 Stars

Oliver thinks he is on the fast track to a high profile career in a large bank and his brother works lower down in the bank. When faced with the chance to take three million dollars and no one knowing that the money is even gone, they are in a dilemma. Oliver soon discovers that he is just being used at the bank and won’t be going anywhere. Now there is nothing holding them back, but when people start chasing them and murder comes into the picture, things begin to go dangerously wrong.

The introduction was kind of interesting in this one; it kind of makes you curious and gets into the feel of the book. Next things start to pick up as you get further along and the action grabs your attention and makes it hard to put down. The plot has a lot of little twists and turns along the way surprising you with a big twist at the end. The twists are not completely unpredictable and you have to wonder with one of the big twists, how Oliver did not see it coming. The characters are pretty good and have a fair amount of depth. The setting was interesting as it changed and went into areas that people should know even if they haven’t been there. The ending was really good; it was action-packed and it was really hard to put down to go to work. I did not think that the epilogue was necessary and felt the book would have been stronger without it. Overall though, it was a really good book.

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