Monday, November 14, 2011

Book Review- Ronie Kendig- Nightshade

Ronie Kendig- Nightshade (Barbour 2010) 3.75 Stars

Former Navy Seal Max Jacobs is struggling with the ghosts of previous missions. It is turning him into a bitter, angry man and destroying his marriage. His wife is now filing for divorced and so he sees nothing to lose when offered a position on a black ops team of discarded heroes. They handle the toughest situations and are making waves of rumours in the media. Can he control his anger and save everything he loves?

It was a curiosity peaking introduction, action wasn’t necessary in this case. This author is great at character development. All of her characters were deep and jumped off of every page. You feel bad for both Max and Syd, hoping for an understanding and willingness to try. I did find myself wishing for a little less focus on their personal struggles and a little more on the black ops missions, but that wasn’t really the focus of the book. The plot was good, although could certainly have been more attention grabbing with more focus on the team and their missions. The setting was interesting though as it shifted a few times, keeping you on your toes. Overall it was maybe a bit more aimed at ladies, but men may find interest in it as well.

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