Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Book Review- Michael Connelly- The Brass Verdict

Michael Connelly- The Brass Verdict (Little, Brown and Company 2008) 4.25 Stars

When Mickey Haller was shot after his last court case, he became addicted to the pain killers. He has now completed his rehab and is looking to ease back into the courtroom scene, but fate has something else in mind. A friend of his is murdered and all his cases are thrown into Mickey Haller’s lap, including the case of a lifetime. A big movie producer has been accused of killing his wife and her lover, and it is Haller’s job to get him off, but will it come with a bigger price tag than he is willing to pay?

I loved the introductory page in this novel. It made me laugh out loud and I had to read it to my wife. After that it tapers a little as it sets you up for all the thrilling pages to follow. I love the characters in this novel; they have a lot of depth. I also enjoy how Connelly ties in characters from his other books, as it keeps you up to date with what is going on in their lives. The plot in this book was great, it twists and turns leaving you unsure about what to expect; you just never know who to believe, but Connelly kind of prepares you for that with the introduction. It then ends with a bang and a personal twist you likely won’t see coming. I actually don’t have any real complaints with this one, except maybe wishing it had gotten fast-paced a little quicker, but that is just being picky.

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