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Book Review- Dave Pelzer- A Child Called “It” and The Lost Boy

Dave Pelzer- A Child Called “It” and The Lost Boy (Health Communications Inc. 1995) 4.75 Stars

For Dave Pelzer life was so perfect. They had a happy family and enjoyed fun outings, until one inexplicable day things changed. Suddenly Dave wasn’t worthy of a name, food, a proper bed, or new clothes. He became the beating child who went without food most days. His struggle to survive took all of his being and he had to learn to steal what food he got. Just getting through the day was all he could accomplish.

Before reading this my wife had warned me that it would be a really tough read and she sure was right. This kind of terrible abuse is just atrocious to think of. I studied youth care work and this book helps me understand more of their backgrounds and what they went through. I was able to see many quirks that we were trained to watch out for in our courses. Dave’s story is one that makes a body want to cry, but I also found myself wishing that his mother would die a slow and agonising death. The blame also falls on his father though for being a spineless coward who just let it all happen. It was a happy moment when Dave was taken into the foster program, which we all knew was coming through the little introductory section. Overall I have to say, a great pair of books, but not ones to pick up and read lightly.

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  1. I agree with your statements totally. I also read the third novel... A Man Named Dave. I have heard rumors about these books being exaggerated our false... But equally many people say its trustworthy. Not light books for sure, but a powerful story. It is uplifting in a way to see someone survive despite such horrors.

  2. Yeah Kara I have heard the same, however upon looking into the matter, one of his older brother seems to back him up in the accusations. Most of the rumours seem to come from one of the younger brothers who was the mother's little pet in the book. It would also fit into his mother's character to create such rumours. Either way it is still a powerful book.

  3. This is a very interesting, heartfelt book. David Pelzer is an amazing human being and his story has made me really understand just what goes through these childrens minds. My sister is a foster mother in Iowa and has adopted 6 of her foster children, all of them abused. I see so much of each and evey one of them in Davids story. Thank you David as hard as it was for you, for letting us in and giving us the chance to understand, if any good came from this let it be known you opened alot of eyes and hearts. I could not put this book down, it made me cry, it taught me, it made proud of this young mans effort to continue. David Pelzer you are a very talented young man and I only wish you the best and happiness in your life.


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