Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Book Review- Nancy Farmer- The House of the Scorpion

Nancy Farmer- The House of the Scorpion (Simon Pulse 2004) 4.25 Stars

Harvested as a clone, Matteo Alacran is deemed an outcast by all except his master. He is a clone belonging to El Patron, a rich and powerful opium grower for both the United States and Mexico. He owns the land between Mexico and the US, and is possessive of everything he owns, especially his Matteo. Matt doesn’t understand much about life, as everyone seems so secretive, unwilling to reveal to him the true purpose of his creation/existence. Matt feels that leaving the Alacran house is the only way he can live, but escape may not be so easy.

With a slower start, the novel still captivates you from page one. You find yourself wanting to know more about this little boy, who grows and matures throughout the novel. We find out more about him, and figure some things out before he does, as we read about what he is learning. I found it interesting how he refuses to believe what has been obvious, even when the truth is right before his eyes. This was a good illustration of how humanity so often is. The characters were very well done; I was quite impressed by it. The plot was unique, although not fast paced, but it still keeps the readers interest and makes them want to delve further into the book to find out more. I did find it odd how people just folded under the pressure of the oppressors, but I guess most humans wouldn’t see a way out of a hopeless situation. Overall I really enjoyed this book, and found myself wanting more after reading the last page.

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