Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book Review- Lee Child- Worth Dying For

Lee Child- Worth Dying For (Dell Publishing 2011) 4.75 Stars

Up in Nebraska Jack Reacher has come upon a town afraid of the Duncan family. At their disposal is a group of ex-football players willing to lay down the law for the right price. The town cannot step out of line without consequences. He also stumbles upon a cold missing person case that he just cannot ignore. Stirring things up will make him the target of several out of town groups and the Duncan clan.

The introduction was not fast pace, but it certainly peaks your interest. It then moves into a plot that is fairly quick moving, that leads up to a great ending. We get to see Reacher kicks some more butt in different methods then we normally see. My interest never really did wane. The setting was nice to see, one thing I do love about this series; we see a lot of places not usually seen in books. I got a kick out his mention of Medicine Hat being a small town, when it is a mid-size city in Canada; Swift Current is a small city. The characters were quite well done, that is another thing this author is great, character development. We don’t really learn anything new about Reacher in this book, but it fine-tunes his personality. I did like to see how it carried on from the last book, including his injuries. Overall this is a great instalment in this series.

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Tony Peters
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  1. You read such different books than I do. Its interesting to read your reviews!

  2. Why thank you Kara! I know we have such different tastes in books!


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