Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book Review- Gary McCarthy- Gunsmoke

Gary McCarthy- Gunsmoke (Boulevard 1998) 2.75 Stars

I always remeber watching Gunsmoke on TV Land at my grandparents house. So reading this book brought back memories. Anyone else just love this great classic series?

Doc has just had a heart attack and a new doctor has come into town to help out. The only problem is that this man loves the ladies, and the women being married matters very little. His services may be needed more than ever as cattlemen are coming into town, including a nasty group of rustlers. It will take much skill for Matt Dillon and Festus to keep the peace.

I found that this book lacked any particular focus; it kind of jumped from one thing to another. It had some really great action scenes that catch your interest, which is something most westerns do not lack. It also had the advantage of having well known characters from the hit TV show. This meant that the author did not have to focus on character development, although he did a good job of it anyway. The ending was good, albeit a little cheesy, but the whole book was on the cheesy side so what else would you expect.

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