Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book Review- Robert Crais- Sunset Express

Robert Crais- Sunset Express (Ballantine Books 2005) 3.25 Stars

Teddy Martin is a wealthy restaurateur, who is being accused of murdering his wife. He has now hired Jonathan Green, a topnotch defence lawyer, to defend him. That lawyer has hired Elvis Cole to look into the possibility of police tampering with evidence to make him look guilty. As the investigation heats up, Cole and Pike start to think that it may not be the police who have something to hide.

An okay introduction; it did not really grab my attention, but I was curious enough to keep reading. The plot was decent, but was kind of weighed down by personal sections. I did enjoy the twists in the book, they were well done, and kept you guessing as to just how Cole was going to outsmart them. At the same time I did not think the ending was all that realistic, as it could have gotten Cole into a lot of trouble. The characters were well crafted and were fairly deep. I have read better by this author, and better in this series, but overall it was an okay addition to the Cole/Pike series.

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