Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Review- Nancy Farmer- The Sea of Trolls

Nancy Farmer- The Sea of Trolls (Atheneum Books 2004) 4.5 Stars

When berserkers strike Jack’s village, he suddenly finds himself protecting his sister as they are taken across the sea. Olaf One-Brow is now their master and will take them on adventures around the world. Bold Heart, a mysterious crow has tagged along for the ride, as Jack’s friend. Together this crew will embrace adventure and fight the many dangers hidden in the far corners of the globe.

A slower start to this book, but something about it still captured my attention. I loved Farmer’s writing style and would love to read more books in this series. The characters were great, jumping off every page and adding depth to the novel. The fantasy side was blended in so wonderfully that even though I am not normally into those books, I enjoyed the twist. The plot was beautifully crafted and captivating. The setting was great, as it was ever changing, keeping you on your toes, never knowing what you are going to run into next. If I had to come up with a negative I would say that she could have drawn it out a little further, which I do not normally say. Overall I loved this book and will be looking for more by this author.

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