Friday, August 19, 2011

Book Review- J.A. Jance- Damage Control

J.A. Jance- Damage Control (HarperCollins 2009) 2.75 Stars

A possible suicide of an elderly couple brings Cochise County sheriff Joanna Brady to the edge. She is also dealing with a deadly house fire and a body found out in the desert at the same time. Things are heating up in Cochise County and her department is being stretched thin. Can they clear these cases before thier resources are strained too much?

The introduction to this book was great and grabbed my attention right off. However this prologue was not tied in until the end, and I had kind of forgotten about it. I found that the book dragged at points and it had too many cases going on at the same time, making it hard to follow at times. Each case separately was interesting enough, but bunched together they became distracting. The characters were well done, a redemptive feature for this book. I also found that there was a lot of personal stuff in the book which really slowed things down. Overall the book was okay, but not one I would recommend.

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