Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Review- Chris Kuzneski- Sword of God

Chris Kuzneski- Sword of God (Berkley Publishing 2007) 3.5 Stars

When a boy from South Korea discovers a cave full of blood near his village, he has no idea how it will affect his fellow villagers. In Saudi Arabia a major archaeological discovery has just been made. The U.S. has called in Payne and Jones on a black ops mission, but neither knows exactly why they have been called in, nor what is going on. Left to figure things out on their own they have decided to handle things in their own way. Unearthing a plot that could put the world at war once again, they must put a stop to things before it is too late.

The introduction was intriguing; it grabs your attention and makes you curious about where it is going to lead. The characters were interesting and added depth to the book. The plot was good, with some great twists that kept you guessing. It weaved in and out, but I did find that I was wishing that it would focus more on the main people, instead of digressing with the two groups of other people who tied in at the end. It was interesting to learn a little more about the Muslim religion. Overall the book was not bad, a good one time read.

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