Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Review- Ted Dekker- Blink of an Eye

Ted Dekker- Blink of an Eye (Center Street 2011) 3.75 Stars

With an extremely high IQ, Seth Border thinks he has it made. He is on the fast track to any job that he could ever imagine, until one day a princess from Saudi Arabia stumbles into his path. Now he is seeing bits of the future and trying to keep her from those who wish her harm. Now he is wanted by many deadly groups and he must trust this new skill to keep them safe.

This book got off to a really slow start; I only kept on reading because my wife told me that it picked up later on. She was correct; it definitely picks up and gets to be really fast paced. The plot was filled with many twists that keep you guessing, but in the end the book is still pretty predictable. I also find the skill of seeing bits of the future a little too farfetched, but you know going in that it is going to be a little sci-fi. Ted Dekker always writes odd books and this one certainly fits into his writing style. The characters were well done and it was interesting to learn about different cultures. Overall I would recommend this book to people who enjoy Dekker’s books.

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