Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book Review- L.J. Martin- McKeag’s Mountain

L.J. Martin- McKeag’s Mountain (Pinnacle Books 2004) 3.75 Stars

Prager wants the Lucky Seven ranch to add to his own Bar X, but McKeag does not intend to let him take it. Things are heating up and when Prager hires seven killers to take out the Lucky Seven men, McKeag is shot down and his wife killed. Now McKeag must heal, and when he does, he intends to take out every single person responsible for the murder of his wife and several of his hands.

The introduction for this western is slower, but sets things up in a way that you know it is going to pick up. It does pick up and get quite interesting, although it is predictable in what is going to happen at each point. Although it is predictable, it was still action packed. It also is not all that realistic in many of the scenes. It was still a very interesting read and the characters were good. It was nice to see it taking place in Montana, which is close to home for me (just a few hours away). Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good western.

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