Monday, July 18, 2011

Book Review- Lee Child- 61 Hours

Lee Child- 61 Hours (Dell Books 2010) 4.25 Stars

When the bus that Reacher is on crashes in South Dakota, Reacher finds himself stuck in the middle of nowhere. Tension seems to be rising in the small town of Bolton as the police face off against a drug ring. When he finds a little old lady being threatened for
what she has seen, he knows that he cannot let it go. Now he finds himself stuck
in the middle of something he has no business being involved in.

This was a little bit of a slower start than I am used to
with Child, but it was developing the story to the intensity it was going to
reach. I did like the characters in this book, as I usually do with this
author, and of course Reacher is great to see develop little by little throughout
the series. The plot was also great as per usual; it had lots of great twists
and turns. I did see the big twist coming a long way off and might have
preferred if it had been less obvious. The setting was good as well; it was
nice to see a book written in an area of the States that you don’t see very
much. Overall it was a great read and I would recommend this to thriller

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