Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book Review- Thomas Greanias- The Promised War

Thomas Greanias- The Promised War (Pocket Star Books 2011) 3.25 Stars

Sam Deker works for Israel’s counterterrorism unit and he has just been captured in a trap. While being tortured for information he manages to escape. Somehow he is taken back in time and is found by the Israelites waiting to invade Jericho. He must now become a spy once again and save the Israelites of the past as well as the future.

The intro was decent, not great, but not bad either. Then the book just gets a little too weird for me, I guess I have never been into the whole time travel thing. I thought that if it was done right I might enjoy it, but in this case I did not. The overall plot was pretty good, but the religion aspect was kind of frustrating. I do not enjoy reading books with a lot of religion in them, especially when the author takes liberties with facts. The characters were good, but again not great. I am used to characters with more depth from this author, but I did not find that in this novel. Overall I just thought that this book was okay.

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