Friday, June 10, 2011

Book Review- Louis Sachar- Holes

Louis Sachar- Holes (Scholastic 2000) 3 Stars

Stanley Yelnats has been arrested and sent to Camp Green Lake, but the thing is, he didn’t do the crime. Now he finds himself digging holes for a warden who just wants to get her hands on some rumoured treasure. Digging holes is supposed to build character, but he quickly learns that that is not really what is going on.

I enjoyed this Disney movie, but the book just doesn’t cut it in comparison. I found this book to be a little slow and was looking for something interesting to happen. That being said the characters were very well done, and the storyline was just interesting enough to keep you reading, in the hopes that something big was going to happen. The big climax that it was building up to was decent enough, but I may have been hoping for a bigger pop. Overall I would recommend the movie and not the book.

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