Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book Review- Douglas Preston- Tyrannosaur Canyon

Douglas Preston- Tyrannosaur Canyon (Forge Books 2006) 3.75 Stars

When a dinosaur hunter is found dying from bullet wounds in a New Mexico canyon, the veterinarian who found him is given a mysterious book. An ex-CIA monk may be the only way to understand this mystery, which may be leading towards a huge scientific discovery. A man wants this discovery all to himself and will do anything to prevent others from laying claim to it, even if it means murder.

The introduction for this book was great, it grabs the reader’s attention and it doesn’t let go until the end. I loved the plot; it was intense and had some good twists. It was a little weird having the T-Rex perspective at points, I still haven’t decided if I liked those short sections. The characters were great for the most part, but I hated the character of Detective Willard. He seemed a little too incompetent to be a detective and he makes cops look really bad, especially when he digs up a potential crime scene himself and smokes at the same potential crime scene. Then at the end he all of a sudden changes and is competent. This inconsistency kind of tainted the book for me. Overall it was a pretty good read.

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