Friday, June 17, 2011

Book Review- Allan Folsom- The Day After Tomorrow

Allan Folsom- The Day After Tomorrow (Vision Books 1998) 3.5 Stars

Paul Osborn is visiting Paris and spots his father’s killer in a cafĂ©. After attacking him, he is drawn into a web of lies and deceit. Digging for the truth and hunting down this man to ask for the truth, he finds that he may be getting into more than he can handle. LA detective McVey has been brought in to look into this mysterious group that Osborn has uncovered.

This book took me a really long time to get into. I only kept reading because I like this author, and it was recommended to me. I found it too be very wordy in places and could have been a lot shorter. That being said once you get into this book it really grabs your attention and it is hard to put down. It had some very intense moments and some great twists. The characters were well done and added a fullness and depth to the novel. The ending was kind of a let down; I expected more out of it. Overall I thought the book was a decent read.

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