Friday, April 8, 2011

Book Review- J.M. Thompson and Fred Bean- Tombstone

J.M. Thompson and Fred Bean- Tombstone (Signet Books 2001) 3 Stars

We all know the story of Wyatt Earp and the OK Corral. This novel covers the fight, as well as the events following the historic battle. Leo LeMat wishes to paint a portrait of Wyatt Earp and he intends to keep Wyatt alive long enough to finish his work, even if it means he has to get his hands dirty in a fight that is not his.

I love this time in history, I especially love the story of Wyatt Earp; he is by far my favourite of the big western names. The introduction was good; it starts out minutes before the fight at the OK Corral and then covers the actual fight. It was interesting to see this from someone else’s perspective, as usually it is from Wyatt’s perspective, or it focuses mainly on him. The characters were really well done; at times a little too much focus was done on character work, as it slowed things down. I did find it hard to get into the book at times; it had just enough to keep me reading, and nothing more. The plot was good, but it contained few surprises as he had to stick to the historical points. Overall I thought it was a decent read, but not one I would pick up again.

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