Monday, April 4, 2011

Book Review- Allan Folsom- The Machiavelli Covenant

Allan Folsom- The Machiavelli Covenant (Forge Books 2008) 5 Stars

Three lives going about their separate ways, all having run-ins with a mysterious secret society with powerful ties, are about to collide in desperate times. Nicholas Marten, who is hiding from his former employer, the LAPD, has just watched his ex-girlfriend die under puzzling circumstances. Now he is searching for the truth, no matter what the cost. President of the United States John Henry Harris has just found out that his own cabinet has been using him for their own agenda, and has decided to take off running in an attempt to bring to the public’s eye, this mysterious secret society. Demi Picard, a photojournalist who lost her mother when she was just a child, but wants to know the truth behind her disappearance. They must stop this society before they carry out a plan that will cost many their lives.

I loved this book. If I could say just one thing about it, it would have to be, intense. It was very fast-paced and action filled. My attention was snatched up on page one and I could not put this novel down. This was my first book by this author and I will certainly be reading more. The plot was well done, twisting and turning in every direction, so that you never knew what was going to happen next. The setting was also well chosen and assisted the plot wonderfully. The book jumped from character to character, which in some cases is annoying and confusing, but in this novel, it was done with expert precision, and added to the intensity of the novel. I loved the characters, they were done really well. I wish I had more negative things to say about the book, as I like a balanced review, but I honestly cannot think of one negative thing to say about it. I definitely recommend this novel to anyone who loves a good thrill ride.

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